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Refinishing Job Stripped Larkin Desk of Original Golden Color

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Painting May be from Hunter, Unfinished

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Treasures: Painting May Be From Hunter, Unfinished

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Treasures In Your Attic: Secretary Desk is a Useful Piece

Treasures In Your Attic: Value of Felix the Cat Toy Entirely Depends on Age

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Treasures: Post-World War II Rocking Horses Mass Produced

Professional appraiser best bet for finding item’s true value

Treasures In Your Attic: Hall clock is from Scotland

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Treasures: Statue likely less than 50 years old has decorative value

Treasures: Bohemian Lamp is Delightful

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Treasures: Bronze tiger is a fierce find

Treasures In Your Attic: Animals most likely not 2,000 years old

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Handkerchief was Likely Purchased Souvenir from Lindbergh Celebration

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Treasures: Ribbon Doll has Roots in Chic 19th-Century Magazine

Treasures in Your Attic: Container Was Used to Conceal Jams, Condensed Milk

Treasures: Attractive China Cabinet Adds to Charms of Early English Set

Treasures: Garniture Set Likely Made in Post-WWII Italy

Treasures: Cherished Vase Likely Arrived to US During WWI

Treasures: Clothes Would Make this Boudoir Doll More Valuable

Treasures: Eight-panel Coromandel Screen is an Eye-Catcher

Treasures: Bust of Beatrice Portinari was Mass Produced

Treasures: Credenza is Beautiful, but Currently Out of Style

Treasures: Glassware Pieces Churned Out in Vast Quantities

Treasures: Rug from Iran Needs In-Person Inspection