Valuing each client relationship, Helaine Fendelman & Associates assists clients in building, maintaining, selling and purchasing art and art objects for personal collections. Well-connected within the art world, Helaine Fendelman & Associates provides advisory services for de-accessioning art, appraising collections, cataloging and research, custom framing, obtaining authentication, and arranging sales and purchases for a collection.

Additionally, Helaine Fendelman & Associates is nationally and internationally connected to renowned specialists in all periods of art, thereby ensuring the accuracy of research and cataloging of each piece. For access to a comprehensive and exclusive network of art industry professionals to work with your collection, contact Helaine Fendelman & Associates. If you want to expand and increase your cultural capital, hiring a third party with art expertise and connections is key to growth. As an established art advisory firm, Helaine Fendelman & Associates has the connections needed to facilitate gallery purchases. Since dealers need to trust that a buyer isn’t going to resell a work at the expense of the gallery or artist, working with a third-party advisor is an essential for today’s collector to access the most desired artworks and galleries.