Helaine Fendelman Will be Presenting at this Year’s CSC Symposium

All About Appraisals and Appraisers – What You Need To Know

All the questions you have thought to ask before beginning the appraisal process and hiring an appraiser and all the questions you never knew to ask will be addressed in this presentation.  Helaine is an experienced appraiser working in the field on a daily basis and she will address questions such as: why an appraiser is needed; when to hire an appraiser; how to find a qualified appraiser; how to determine the appraiser’s qualifications and if they are appropriate for your purposes; questions you should ask the appraiser; questions the appraiser should ask you; what to do to get ready for the appraisal and the appraiser; what an appraisal should include; how does an appraiser charge for their services; and, how an appraiser works.  Stories will be shared to illustrate the answers to these questions and there will be time for your own questions so that all of your questions will be answered. Read more about the symposium here.