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Treasures: Charming Lion Piece is a Cheap Barye Copy

Hello Helaine and Joe: I am guessing my grandpa’s lion is a cheap copy, but I truly am curious about it. “He” is about 10 inches long and rests on a 15-by-4-inch base. I believe you can see from the chipped ear that he is made of a plaster or plaster-like material. You can see […]

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Treasures: 25 Things In Your Attic That Are Worth a Lot of Money

Luggage Set As air, rail, and ship travel took off in the 1950’s, so did luggage sales. This trio of hard-sided suitcases hails from that golden era, when green marble finishes were all the rage. “Made by Towncraft, a J.C. Penney house brand, this set copies a Samsonite design, which was then one of the […]

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Treasures: Attractive Wing Chair not an Antique

Dear Helaine and Joe:I would like to know some things about a chair I have. Maybe you could tell me the type of chair it is, how old and its monetary value. I do not know much about old furniture, but I would say this chair is in excellent condition. Thank you, D. C., Erie, […]

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