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Treasures: Chocolate Set is the Real Deal

Dear Helaine and Joe: This chocolate set belonged to my grandmother, who loved and cherished it. It consists of the pot with lid and four cups and saucers. I am very interested in knowing what the value might be. Thank you,  S.S. Dear S.S.: At least one important thing was left out of this letter […]

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Treasures: Charming Artwork must be seen in Person to Determine True Value

Dear Helaine and Joe: This is my most recent attic find! The piece is signed “Virgilio Tojetti.” What is it worth? Thank you, R. M., U.S. Army Dear R. M.: We call this column “Treasures in Your Attic,” but it is a sad fact that people very seldom find actual treasures in their attic. Yes, […]

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Treasures: Seals Can Hold Many Meanings

Dear Helaine and Joe: I believe this Chinese seal could be soapstone, but it is more likely to be the mineral serpentine. The translation of the seal (or so I have been told) is “lasting rejuvenation.” It is 10 inches tall by 3 inches square. Any information about age and value would be appreciated. Sincerely, […]

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