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Treasures: Don’t Repaint WWII-Era German Nativity Set for Best Value

Dear Helaine and Joe: I received this Nativity set as a gift for my first birthday – I am now 68. The people who gave it to me were neighbors in our apartment building who came from Eastern Europe. Somehow, they managed to take this with them. It must have had great value to them. […]

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Treasures: Kingfisher Flower Frog Common Among Weller Pieces

Dear Helaine and Joe: Attached are three photos of a signed “Weller” piece that I remember from my grandmother’s home during World War II. She kept it on a glass shelf among her prized possessions. It is approximately 8 inches tall and is in perfect condition with no chips, scratches or mars of any sort. […]

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Treasures in Your Attic: A Long Pedigree for a Relatively New Piece

  Dear Helaine and Joe: My husband received this item from an aunt, and we would like to have any information that you can provide. The only marking is the one in the picture and it reads, “5325 Italy, Ardalt, Capodimonte Marino.” — C. P. We are going to break down the mark step by […]

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