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Treasures: Figurehead is Likely One of Few That Have Survived From 19th Century

Dear Helaine and Joe: I have this wooden statue that I purchased at auction years ago, which is flat on the back. He is 53 inches tall. I have him hanging on my dining room wall and enjoy him tremendously. I would like to know if there is any monetary value to him. My guess […]

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Treasures: Balinese Piece Likely Meant for Tourists

Dear Helaine and Joe; My brother was in the Merchant Marine around the end of World War II. He picked this up in Bali and brought it home to give to me. It has been sitting in a corner for about 50 years and I have begun to wonder if it has any value. The […]

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Treasures: 1950s Tiny Tears Doll is Collectible

Dear Helaine and Joe: I enjoyed playing with my very own Tiny Tears doll in the 1950s. She still has on her original dress and shoes. Is she monetarily valuable today? Thank you, V.M., Lancaster Dear V.M., What little girl could resist Tiny Tears? She was advertised extensively on television by Patty Duke in a […]

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