Treasures: 25 Things In Your Attic That Are Worth a Lot of Money

helaine fendelman

Luggage Set

As air, rail, and ship travel took off in the 1950’s, so did luggage sales. This trio of hard-sided suitcases hails from that golden era, when green marble finishes were all the rage. “Made by Towncraft, a J.C. Penney house brand, this set copies a Samsonite design, which was then one of the leaders of the industry,” explains appraiser Helaine Fendelman. Single cases aren’t worth much more than their original 1950’s price (about $25). But because these are in good condition (no stains, tears, or undesirable smells lurking inside) and are a matched set, they go for a tidy sum.

What it’s worth: $175 for the set

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